The operation was not intended to supplant tliat of replacing the head of the bone in the acetabulum whenever that was mg feasible.


A fatal result is most unusual, but it must be admitted that symptoms of collapse and even death may extremely rarely occur after an initial dose of antitoxin, but, in view of the 15 seriousness of diphtheria and tetanus and the marvelous effect serum therapy has had in reducing the mortality of diphtheria especially, we should not hesitate in the administration of antitoxin. Babies - 'Both legs are now covered with great fishy scales. Other similar cases have shown the value In typical gout the uric acid may be low at times, even W'hen atophan has what not been taken. Irrigation of the left, on the contrary, provoked only a slight nystagmus, effects no dizziness and no reaction movements. Holmes, it in is said, was about to give and he was surrounded by a small company of his colleagues, most of them of great stature in comparison with him; and he seemed for the moment or two at a loss for words. And while it is a well-settled principle tablets that there is no such thing as property in a dead body, civilized Governments recognize that it is a matter of public policy to allow a right in so far that friends or relatives may claim a body and decently dispose of it. Provided the patient has been surrendered entirely to their control, and she becomes the subject of puerperal fever, one or the other, or both, have directly dosage infected her. It was said she was not sufficently wrapped no, ond that was unnecessarily takeu by a circuitous rou'.e to" pick up other patieLlc; that the patient coutracted a 150 chill, was never seen by a medic:U man, and died next day in convulsions caused by the chiJl These averments were all denied on behalf of the defendants, who said that the removal and treatment were conducted in the usual careful manner, and that death could be accounted for only by the previous illhealth of the girl. The 300 treatment of pellagra has heen one of the most disappointing things in medicine.

Ttie Santa Lucia oyster reserve was not altered or removed till no for marked variat'on in the death-rate corresponds with that removal to comparatively pure water. In regard to the question liquid of general treatment. In addition a closed cavity, a cul-de-sac, occurred and a consecjiient stasis of side the cerebrospinal fluid. This ranitidine treatment was adopted owing to a note in the"Queries" of the British Medical Journal, I believe. Kimball, dose of I then cut off the affected half of the tongue c'.ose Lowell, Mass. In conducting these experiments I have been assisted The object of this short paper is simply to cite several cases of laryngeal tuberculosis which have come under my are observation during the past year. In most cases, however, patients will take milk, with less objection or discomfort than any other form of The belief among men that a continued high range of fever, greatly cripples the power of digestion is unquestionably correct, and it is with a feeling of regret that I so often see statements that, in this disease, a continued high temperature does not materially interfere with the ability to used digest a large amount of food.

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