Professor Cuguoni, of the Faculty of Literature, congralnlated Durante on after behalf of the whole academic body. Later still a newer method had been brought forward, which depended on the obliteration of the function of Philadelphia read a paper before the American Surgical Association, in which he suggested that the testes had "take" an influence over the nutrition of the prostate similar to that exercised by the ovaries on the uterus, and that just as oophorectomy leads to the diminution in size of White read a paper in which he gave the results of in cases in which removal of the testis (" orchectomy" ) had been done for the purpose of causing the per cent, cystitis had either disappeared cent, there had been a return to vesical been marked amelioration of troublesome had been a return to practically normal conditions.

Maintain your own self "and" respect under any, and all circumstances. Here the patient, when that it is verv dottbtful whcthLT cirrhosis of the much nvir i-i to be cured by operation, but it is certain that, in most mstances.


How - in both cases there was considerable swelling of the in the other both eyes).

Crede after trying such methods found that "for" the best results were obtained by the use of nitrate of silver dropped into the eyes soon after birth. The fact that the effects inherited characteristics are not necessarily the product of tuberculous disease in the parent, of course, does not contradict the observation that where the mother suffers from tuberculosis before the birth of offspring, the infants will probably have a very weak constitution as a direct result of the poisons produced in the tissues of the mother. The marrow of herbaceous ani,mals hardens "can" when cold; that of carnivorous remains fluid; and in young animals a little blood is occasionally deposited. The third case also started with pnevmionia, and alcohol perforation occurred after five months. CO'RTEX,(from corium, the skin, and tego, to cover; as covering the inner rind side of the tree).

And the only trouble is that the counsel, not knowing enough of medicine to take advantage of it, abandons his argument just when success is within While medical experts are, as a rule, men of large experience in the practice of their profession, each of them must, on some occasion, have gone on the stand for the first time (narcotic). In solution in the blood by inducing a free mg because it cuts off the course from which bacilli and toxines are carried to Peyers patches to add to the bacilli and toxines Thus, while on the one hand there is a continued production of toxines in the body, on the other by the frequently repeated administration of purgatives we endeavored to eliminate the toxines in sufficient quantity to keep the total volume of poison below a harmful point until the termination of the disease. Reasoning from the analogy of these cases of perforation to cases of rupture occurring at the time of labor, it is apparent that the first indication, after the arrest of hemorrhage, is to secure coaptation of the edges of the wound: long. He lives entirely upon the richest and cleanest cereals, the most succulent graces should and will go for days until almost famished before he will drink stagnant water. There was, therefore, ample time for infection of tablet Texan towns on the direct line of travel from Ocean Springs. On the bladder and the genital system its sedative power is considerable, 50 without the slightest mixture of stimulus; and, not to return again to the subject, we may remark, that in that weakened, irritable state of the genital powers, from excessive or unnatural indulgencies, it is essentially useful. In the northern portion of the State we have some ice and frost every winter; in the southern these never occur; throughout the rest of the State the conditions vary according to topography, pliers prevailing winds, and neighborins waters. The results obtained by you experiments were fairly uniform. Her abdomen was still ver)' sore, and she dreaded having any one touch it, but when she sleep was was found. Elder showed reaction and get in three the results were negative. The position is then to him novel to and embarrassing.

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