So what are we country doctors to do with all such cases, those that we cannot ascertain clearly the exact condition of, at the same time recognizing that the trouble is within the abdominal or pelvic cavity? Shall we continue to send or carry all our patients, when we are not perfectly clear as to a differential diagnos is to the specialist? They, in nine cases out of ten, after making an examination, and hearing the clinical history, are no nearer a conclusion than we, but they very promptly say:"We can clear up the mystery by an exploratory incision." To the very few who are financially and buy physically able to go to the specialist and have their work done, we haven't a word to say, but for the thousands who cannot go and have only their own doctor to depend upon for every thing, and at all times, We remember having heard on one occasion a very distinguished laparotomist, one who has justly been called the"wizard of abdominal surgery of this age," say that"no surgeon knew what he would find within a belly cavity until he had gotten inside; that those who thought they knew, knew but little or nothing," and that he himself depended upon the entrance thereof to clearly diagnose the trouble. Can - all have agreed to help in any way they can.

If the reaction is too marked it is best to let the dose patient rest for a few days or until the fever subsides. In every abdominal section, for whatever purpose whatsoever, it is absolutely essential for the best interest of our patients to examine into the condition of the for appendix. This was the chief feature 25 of the case, and was notably aggravated by exposure to cold, damp weather. To the sneer of his big-ideaed brother returning from the West, the Yankee farmer proudly answered," We plant school-houses and raise men." We have not yet more than begun to feel the curse that is coming from our tariff sin of grinding up the farmer in the with city mills of the manufacturer. It would be rather easy "dosage" to jest upon the matter, were it hot one of very decided importance. But in inflammations of the colon, as long as the rectum remains unaft'ccted, the discharges are fasculent but frequent and largely diluted with mucus, so that, from an inspection of them alone, the distinction may be made between dysentery In irritation or inflammation of large tracts of the intestines, the discharges exhibit alterations corresponding with the amoixnt of irritation, and in proportion as they are presented either by the whole, or only by a part is of the discharge. Between the pure hues of the deep autumn reds and the paler yellows, and beyond the rapid instants of ruddy flames and setting suns, are the multitudes of the ever codeine changing tints of spectral red and orange. Further investigations are needed to determine precisely the anatomical elements involved in the degeneration, as the statements of counter different writers are discrepant respecting this point. The length of that represented in the drawing measures cough four feet four inches; the widest part at its upper end being four inches and a half, which gradually diminish downwards to three inches and tliree-quarters opposite the ankle. In air at rest, at a temperature inferior to that of the body, heat is lost in three ways; by evaporation, by contact, and by radiation (virus). Uses - tHE INFLUENCE OF MUSIC IN MEDICINE HAT music is deserving of a place in our materia mcdica we cannot deny. After she had been placed in a hospital cot, her clothing was searched according to the rules of the institution (old).


Over - the periosteum of the nasal bones, of the upper part of the superior maxillary bones, where they form the floor of the orbit, and that of the superior and inferior spongy bones was completely detached, and came away as if it had been subjected to long maceration or boiling. Jackson's cases hydrochloride of Croup are noticed in the Glasgow Medical Journal, Dr.

There will be time enough later to consider what form of recognition our physicians as a body shall give to the new-comers without rushing into an experiment from which it will and be impossible to recede should the issue prove a fail ure. It requires knowledge on the vs part of the responsible surgeon, not only of what can and should be done to rehabilitate patients, but what is really being done for the patient and what has actually happened to the patient.

Rushton, who, on a visit the stomach evening before to a friend, was severely seized himself. It cannot be said that the origin of the colouring matter of the bile, from that of the blood, mg is proved; indeed, of late, the course of discovery has been rather against their identity than in favour of it. Indeed, under the use of some of them, "brands" the inflammatory symptoms seemed disposed to return, and it was found necessary not only to discontinue the use of them, but to have recourse occasionally, to emollient and even to moderate antiphlogistic means. Backiewicz, consisting principally of high iodoform. Anaesthesia is very dm and is not always accompanied by absolute c.c. Endometritis shows only the same exudative, destructive, or reparative changes as are characteristic of inflammation in general, and that all the glandular and stromal changes formerly described as endometritis are now recognized as cyclic changes (phenergan). Instead of impiety, the attempt to comprehend Him is true piety, and to increase and praise the open-mouthed bewilderment of stupid contem plation syrup is genuine impiety. Meyer, ofMinden, relates that he the thus cured five violent cases in eight days, and without using any other remedy than a single emetic in each case. The contrivance alluded to was designed to serve a beneficial purpose, and came recommended with the weight "uk" of authority; surely, then, it was entitled to full and impartial consideration.

Simple Modification of year Listons Splint; loith Observations on Re-fracture of the Bone in Cases of Deformity.

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