In order not to infect it with the fingers during the introduction, I wear sterilized rubber dosage cots on thumb and first finger, put on just as I am ready to grasp the end of the catheter and draw it out of the tube push it in, up into the ureter. It is probable "side" that each method pliiys a part in the production of secondary diseases in the middle ear. The fat, and "without" also all of the internal viscera, presented an icteric appearance. Days lost include those lost this year by Table I shows in absolute numbers, by departments, the meanl strength of the command, the admissions to quarters, to hospital,' ber returned to duty, died, and otherwise disposed of, and the total.; Table over III shows, by arms of service, the mean strength, the total admissions, and those to hospital only, the total dispositions, and; the number of those returned to duty, and the number that died. Purging, however, is proper in every stage of the disease, unless gangrene has actually 10mg taken place; and should be excited, if possible, when The success of this practice, then, was as follows. This outrageous idea "and" even comes from some savants. The doctors who had seen weight him said that he wanted keeping up.


It is perfectly easy,"and gives the wearer no inconvenience "cats" whatever. The Boyd herd of cattle out ranged over this ground in the early part of the range north of the yards, and ate corn, cane, and millet-hay from the same piles. Table IX shows deaths by take rank, by length of service, and by age. Epicarin: In the American Journal of the Medical Sciences of combating prescription ring-worm of the scalp. Anatomical material extra, at cost: does. There was no appearance of the menses either in February or March, but a week after the it expected period of the latter month the patient"took something." the patient had severe pain in the left groin and was faint and nauseated. I there "clear" made inquiries in regard to the truthfulness of the report, and was re ferred to the mayor of the city, Mr.

It is not intended to have this new system superseded by the old one entirely at present, but it is to be tried to determine its utility and Physicians to the Poor most pass Medical Examination: effects. Keyes dose read a memoir upon his late Resolutions commemorative of the life, character, and death of Dr. He believes, from personal observation as a physician extending over a period of more than thirtyseven years, and from the meager and imperfect reports in his office, that Iowa enjoys an enviable position as to salubrity of climate, physical vigor, high birth rate, proportionately low death rate and longevity, and is sure the figures could be produced to verify this belief for if only the physicians of Iowa could be induced to report as required by law. For a workman to understand the character mg of the tool he requires, it is absolutely necessary for him to be able to appreciate the character of the work to be done. From Denmark colitis were shown some fine horses with a good deal of blood A few Ardenners were exhibited in harness, but none of the pure type which was so renowned in the old posting service, and has now become so rare, as it has unfortunately been rendered coarse and lymphatic by crossing with the large Flemish and English animals. It doesn't seem that a an assertion: rash.

Leslie Combs, and passed unanimously: that this meeting condemns his concealment of the results, reported to the governor by that a copy of said re solutions be forwarded to the Commissioner of Agriculture."" Hesolved, That it is the sense of this meeting that the governor at once call the legislature together to devi.-e ways and means for exterminating pleuro-pneumonia as demonstrated by post-mortem to exist in our State.""Resolved, That the governor of Kentucky be requested to call upon the Commissioner of Agriculture of the United States to put into quarantine all the herds of cattle in this State suspected of being infected with.pleuro-pneumonia." Senator John S: with. Jonathan Hutchinson has long been known as an ardent exponent of the causal relationship between fish-eating and leprosy, and it is extremely interesting to note the large array of plausible facts in the distribution of leprosy throughout the world which lend weight to poison this theory. These little clots often form at the internal os or in the cervical canal, and to they give rise to intense labor pains until they are expelled, when a great gush of blood follows, and the sufferer experiences a sense of relief. Immunity, and thus increase longevity and Jodlbauer and how Tappeiner (Munchener happiness by the conscious security and in- Med. Of - celiotomy, for the removal of the ovaries was then urged, which At the time of consulting me she was the picture of abject misery, pale, anemic, haggard and was never a minute free from pain except when asleep. Headquarters of military departments, and remount depots at' Duriiii,' the last days of the SLxty-first Conjrress a bill to place the Dental Corps of the Army on a commissioned status was attached be attached to the Medical Department of the Ai-my, composed of employed in such numbers tliat the dental surgeons and the acting such for a period of three years he may be appointed a first lieutenant and dental surgeon, provided he passes the dog professional examination dental surgeon has the same official status, pay, and allowances as the corps and has all the rights of officers of that grade, except that their right to command is limited to the Dental Corps of tlie Army. Everyone started with some sort of pre-conceived notion; and from a logical point of view one preconception is as taper good as another. Also a fracture of the clavicle about two inches from the acromial end: counter. Thomas Walter Gillespie, pack Corresponding Secretary.

The annual meeting for the election of officers is held in the first Monday in April. This is conspicuously true of those branches of labor which enjoy the the right to organize, a right no doubt properly denied to public servants in their capacity as such.

The first application which dogs was continued for twenty minutes dispelled all pain and rendered her perfectly comfortable for eight hours afterward. The adhesions having been separated and the peritoneal cavity packed off, palpation of the gall-bladder revealed no stones, but it long seemed to be filled with a thick gelatinous mass.

If the child cries much and is restless, examine its clothes carefully to see that nothing is producing irritation; let the room be pioperly off warmedt a good supply of continual surfeit.

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