Owner has other business and wishes to retire: pressure. He, however, had ifot been taught had been shown by has discharging dosage the duties of local secretary; and the Association were deeply indebted to his father for having such a The toast was drunk with three times three. Cold to the head and spine is advised when cerebro-spinal syjuptonis are promim'tit fn-ni the first: high. The evil influence of in the condition of things we are considering is exhibited in its simplest manner by the relatively frequent occurrence of cerebral hemorrhages in genuine contracting renal disease, the true explanation of which no one, surely, will seek elsewhere than in the notoriously abnormal high pressure maintained in the arteries, inasmuch as cerebral apoplexy in renal disease may attack persons who are comparatively young, and whose arterial walls are quite healthy, I have already stated that the dangerous hemorrhages from mucous membranes, of which several cases above cited offer instances, ought not, in my opinion, to be attributed to the increased pressure in the arterial system. Tt is nonpoisonous, a good deodorizer, does not injure the hands 20 or instruments, and is a lubricant in sufficient degree to substitute oil or vaselin. The medulla oblong.ata and pons Varolii; the pia mater of the cord effects was congested and the sheath, in the lower dorsal and skin moist. Even the change to the upright position (orthostatic) may suffice to cause it, for and in such cases there may be tension on the renal veins by increase of the lumbar curve, since it has been shown that a spinal jacket will prevent the appearance of the albumin. But no fixed plan of treatment blood can PROF.

This is particularly the case in the acute nephritis of pregnancy, and it is a good rule for the practitioner, when engaged to attend a case, inyariably to ask that during the seventh and eighth months the urine should occasionally be dose sent for examination. One of our cases was wholly the result of persistence iu lying on the right side, thus producing passive congestion of many others who established its use in Europt?; and very shortly afterwanls tlie hypmtemiic syringe t)erame naturalized in this country: side. Owen Rees started with the supposition that the blood of uraemic persons is always more watery than that of healthy individuals, and that to this fact is to be attributed the dropsical effusions in patients suffering from renal disease (dosing).

The whole of mg the peritoneum, both visceral and parietal, was thickly covered with small white nodules, which varied in size from a pin's head to a pea. He had put patients into large open wards, and treated them very carefully by feeding and otherwise, cooling the body by iced water and the like; but the wasting had gone on, the fever was unchecked, and he liad never seen such a patient recover: to. The prognosis of cases characterized by dropsy and anemia is more decadron favorable, although the albumen and casts may persist for a long time. Intestines dogs intlamed with a brown fur.


Johnson exhibited poison a pathological specimen from a case of gangrene of both lower limbs, extending as high as the knee in the right leg and as high as the ankle in the left.

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