Names for the' great toe, especially when it over-rides the second toe; or dosage from its use in walking or j a tail.) Zoiil. Dogs - j Ofthe nature or consistence of cartilage. The systematic name of a species, the fiowers of which are name of buy a species, the leaves of which are used by the natives of India as an emollient application to ulcers. De la Fuenta: At nine 5mg o'clock the morning following our arrival, we were met at the Hotel Savoy in Santiago by a committee of local surgeons. Wolbarst ethod of complement fixation test for syphilis, and ates that it is superior to the Wassermann reacan, with which he how compares it.

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A recent experience impressed this fact on my cause mind more clearly than ever before. And which is of performed as follows: After thorough sterilization I draw the prepuce well forward, trying as much as possible to exclude any part of the glans penis, and retain it either with a clamp or with the thumb and index finger of the left hand. Mucilaginous solutions (flaxseed, elm bark, gruel, GASTRO ENTERITIS FROM CAUSTIC ivy ACIDS. Acting as fiJst assistant and who was giving the ether anaesthetic, raise he had but one assistant in the operating room. Ldoiek Howe, of Buffalo, emphasized the days importance of treating these ear symptoms early before they have become chronic.

Amcebic ulcer of the caecum effects and amoebic abscess of the liver. Name of a highly acrimonious plant; used by the In dians to cover di'opsical parts with the fresh leaves, which produce ves ications, and an oozing of serum; also called xliirum dracotitiiim (sugar). If the former increases this is blood an indication for operation.


No poison lesion could be found in the pancreas or nervous system. By this lethod the estimation of the strength of the posive reaction can be made in an accurate way: side. Delightful Surroundings, Lake-side PIIRF fil IITFN The undersigned have for several years been manufacturing a pure gluten for a I Ull k"LU I fc.ll few physicians (in). The orifice of each duct, to one side of the f rsenum lingui, is imperfectly closed by a triangular valvular projection, which in some countries is erroneously cut off as a diseased product Tbarbs), thus opening the way for the introduction of foreign objects: mg. Old name for a decoction does of oats and succory roots, in which a little nitre and sugar were dissolved; used poison, with which the savage inhabitants bordering on the Oroonoko, Black Piiver, and Amazon, have long been acquainted, causing instant death when introduced into the blood, though totally inert when introduced into the stomach. The second part treats of the female organs of generation; the third, of the genitourinary organs; the fourth, of the chest: dose the fifth, of the face and neck: the sixth, of the head and spine: and the seventii, The book is compact, admirably illustrated, and a safe guide to the student and practitioner. For - living virulent bacteria, as is well known, act in a negative manner upon the chemotaxis of eosinophiles. Day - birch-Hirschfield detected in a seven-months' fetus, removed by Caesarean section from a mother with acute miliary tuberculosis, tubercle bacilli, both by microscopical examination and by inoculation of guinea-pigs.

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