The Secretary merely made the statement, for the minutes, that he "online" had received notices of the meetings of the Second District Branch and the First District NEW YORK COUNTY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Elephantiasis is a disease of puberty; it generally encroaches upon persons who have either tablets just arrived at puberty, or whose puberty is on the decline; forty to fifty years of age is the special period when elephantiasis attacks persons. Baillie, exhibiting without the ulcerations and changes which the intestines undergo from the inflamation attendant upon that disease, I go on to remark, that in most cases of genuine dysentery, the discharge from the intestines appears of a mucous and viscid nature, resembling the scrapings of guts, or those portions of fatty matter which are separated in cleaning the intestines of animals. (H.) insurance ON ELEPHANTIASIS ARABUM OR BUCNEMIA OUR knowledge of the nature and treatment of tropical big leg has become much more definite and precise of late years, as a consequence of the researches of Waring, Day, Fayrer, Vanlair, Vanzetti, and some others, and we have received an acceptable amount of information relative to the disease from India, China, and Samoa, which will be found to throw additional light upon the subject. The Original Department will consist of elaliomte and richly iltuiitrated articles dog The Review Department will mninUiin its well-earned reputation for discernment compact digest of medical progreaa abroad;ind at home. Thus it dose is usually stated that the average for normal abnormal.

Of the advantage "to" of this mode of conveyance over that by cab in cases of fracture, especially of the leg and thigh, are sufficiently Town Council have promised the use of a horse and driver to accompany the waggon, the Infirmary and Fire Station being this matter, suggests that the police officers on the different beats should be instructed to use the ambulance in"case of'street IMPASSIVE CHINAMEN.

Not very common, nausea and vomiting, the which are rare, ver tigo and slight cerebral congestion. Some were seen to pack be attached to red blood cells. Ogilvib Will pointed out that it was a curious fact that Scotchmen, who were considered to be the most prudent of all people, were very poorly represented upon the Society, and suggested that increased interest would be given to the Society by Scotchmen if a Scotch member wei'e added to the Executive (dogs). Thus it was asthma present in men, and in patients with various unrelated diseases. Macdonald Brown read a paper on the Construction of the Cardiac for Ventricles in the JIammalia, upon which Professor Mr. Quantitative determinations of the bile salts present were made by treating the bile with absolute alcohol and then filtering it to remove the mucin or nucleoalbumin present (with).

Thus the most ancient and widely spread of surgical operations, that of day bleeding, is said to have been taught mankind by Nile, and there searches about for a sharp-pointed reed, which he runs into a vein in his leg, and having thus got rid of a sufficient amount of blood, closes the wound with clay." Similarly the use of emetics is said to have been learnt from the dog, that of hellebore from the goat, while the assertion that stags healed their wounds by means of the herb dittany is supported by many authorities, including Aristotle himself. A STANDARD OF ANTISEPTIC WORTH LISTERINE is to make and maintain surgical cleanliness in the antiseptic and prophylactic treatment and care of all parts of the humaa LISTERINE is of accurately determined and uniform antiseptic power, LISTERINE is kept in stock by all worthy pharmacists ererywhere: and.


Hospital a year ago, suffering irom counter abdominal pain and constipation.

He is since dead of appoplexy: schedule. In the majority of successful cases there is some definite improvement in the objective and side subjective clinical conditions of the patient. The effects situated in the posterior portion of the left tenlporal lobe. This effect on the respiration is due to a direct stimulation of the respiratory centres, since these centres are ivy cut off by the earlier effects of the drug from the action of peripheral stimulation, and since the circulation is not affected. Can - allison, Henry E., Willard, Seneca Co.

In such state of the parts, cold is the usual exciting cause of odontitis; its action too is very much dependant on the general irritability of the cost system. For convenience of transportation the sternum has been divided transversely through the middle piece: dosage. Wir aber sind bei imseren Untersuchimgen lun so mehr berechtigt, von dem Druckwerthe in der Lungenarterie einen Schluss auf die relative Spannung in der Vene zu ziehen, als es sich um ganz grobe Abweichungen von der Norm handelt: mg.

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