No other kind of abdominal tumour displaces peritoneum more widely "heart" or more freely. Habitual pressure constipation may be developed through dieting.

Of - in the treatment of these cases we have to reduce the prolapsus, and to prevent its return by removing the cause. The muscles of the tongue and larynx showed for fatty degeneration, and the nerves supplying them were similarly affected. Two well known surgeons, one in New York and one side in Baltimore, have obtained very valuable results from the large amount of radium at their command. The Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Medical The records of the last meeting of the Society, and of the several meetings buy of the Counsellors were read. Persistent albuminuria is, however, much more amenable to hygienic than to medicinal treatment, and dose it may often be reduced by a reversion to milk diet, by the avoidance of cold and of muscular and mental strain. In spon taneous haemorrhage the bleeding usually takes place into the substance of the brain or into the ventricles, is usually out of reach of is the surgeon, and, except by ligature of the common carotid artery on the same side as the lesion in cases which are becoming progressively worse, little can be Traumatic intracranial haemorrhage may occur either between the dura mater and the bone (subcranial), between the dura mater and the cortex (subdural), or into the substance of the brain or cavity of the ventricles the bleeding vessel is the middle meningeal artery. Brain: In the outer part of the right corpus striatum was a cavity half an effects inch long, and from one-eighth to one-twelfth of an inch in M'idth. On the following day, sixteen hours after the operation, sensation was entirely restored in the hand, and a few days later it had quite lost its swollen, bluish appearance (used).

Where have the principles of constitutional liberty been better understood, or more ably defended, or received a stronger forward impulse, than among the people of Massachusetts? What community first set the example of the abolition of African slavery? Where originated the modern movement against the barbarous custom of war? Where the temperance reformation? Where are the interests of general education more sacredly guarded, and its principles investigated and illustrated with more earnestness and perseverance? Where has there been any earlier, or at least more zealous exhibition of that improved humanity, which Where is there any community which can show online so many of them no doubt with an intemperate and uncharitable zeal, but still always with the essential purpose, at the bottom, of doing good? Who can doubt of the onward progress of such a our profession up to that of every thing about us? Shall we fall behind others in this enterprize? Shall we not partake in that spirit of the age, whose watchwords are Improvement, Progress, and Reform? There is yet a further reason, and one more peculiar to ourselves, why we should at this time pause to look out our position, with the purpose of defining to ourselves the design and spirit which are to guide us in our course. Pregnancy increase appears somehow to predispose to it; while it has happened more frequently between the third and seventh months of gestation the age of seventeen to thirty.


For a lamp or heating apparatus used in laboratories for chemic mg and pharmaceutic purposes.

If the symptoms are referable to the skin, and a harsh dryness indicates sluggishness of action, baths and exercise vnll be indicated: failure. C, Tunnel of, a triangular canal between the layers of the rods of Corti (20). Where croup supervenes upon measles or small-pox or erysipelas, the inflammatory fever assumes a low type, tablet convulsions are frequent, the difficulty of respiration is excessive, and the paroxysms of suffocation are extreme. In making the selection, aU persons with a tendency to gout or rheumatism, diabetes or albuminuria, those with a nervous or alcoholic family history, or those suffering either from acquired or hereditary syphilis, should certainly be Acclimatisation is a process, usually slow, lowest by which plants and animals become adapted to, and so retain health in, countries having a different climate from those in which they are indigenous; it is in part affected by changes taking place in the individual or in the race, in part by hereditary modification of constitution. Capacities and resistances; but, assuming this, it depends on how an organism is managed whether it can resist disease and the causes of disease or not, rather than on what diseases the ancestry suffered from (dosage). There is only moderate pyrexia, though the skin may be dry and harsh; the pulse' is neither sharp "can" nor hard, but it increases in rapidity as the depression becomes greater; while the tongue is clean or only slightly furred, the tonsils are much swollen, the saliva perhaps dribbles from the mouth, the breath is fetid, and there is a disinclination to move even to take drink or food. Sulcus (of of the choroid; absence of the epithelium of the the eye (hctz). Transplantation of the cornea is not yet within the price domain of practical surgery, for though the operation has been done with success as regards the life of the transplanted cornea, its transparency has never been maintained. Yet I do not consider that this proceeding image is altogether to be condemned. The patient should be kept in bed in a dark and quiet room, his diet should be light, his bowels should be kept freely open, and on no account should he be allowed to read or transact any business until convalescence is well established: high. Sausages, kidneys, pork, cold boiled beef have had the credit in cases which I have seen of starting off the attack. He will take the blood lightest and simplest liquid food, and not much of it.

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