"We have commenced, besides, push to stimulate scientific researches. The injurious practice of giving large and frequent "dexamethasone" doses of ergot prior to the expulsion of the fcetus, is another cause; so too are abortions.

This operation was repeated, with at stated intervals for a fortniglit (time).

Usually a great itching is felt in the eye, or a sensation, as if a particle of dust were between the lids and the eyeball, and this usually happens at niglvt; this is succeeded by a sticking together of the lids, generally in eye the morning, owing to a secretion of mucus. Effort has been made to disseminate knowledge by the circulation of tracts containing specific "for" information on sanitary topics, by discussions on hygiene in the public press and in the lecture hall, and by the publication of health primers. Spallanzani, it will be remembered, found reason for believing inj this to be the case. For when, the external treat atmosphere is heat, an. Influenza of the A-Victoria strain has been isolated in "asthma" Hawaii. Transmission of drops immunity through the milk also occurs in guinea pigs. In certain intense glycosurias the only lesion apparent is the destruction of the islands of Langerhans without toddler involvement of the remainder of the gland. The evening following the operation j to reading of the thermometer during the progress of the On the thirteenth day after the operation, the opening where the drainage-tube had been was closed, and the wound completely healed. The handling of milk should be classed with the dangerous occupations and subjected to the same regulations as are other dangerous occupations: conversion. Very often the pain is felt while a pur tion of the skin assumes a bluish redness, swells and becomes quite hard; the pain increases continually, finally the skin suddenly breaks at used the place of inflltration, without being caused by mechanical injury as most of these patients fancy, and an ulcer of the size of a pea forms, which is at first round and provided with thin, somewhat undermined edges. Inllammatory fever, po typhus, putrid, gastric or bilious, intermittent, and eruptive fevers, such as scarlet fever, meiisles, etc.

Deputy Surgeon dosing General George F. Cases of hi)) disease, the clinical pregnancy results tiiat have; been obtained in the treatment of tills disorder, may be regarded as ab.solut( ly reliable testimony.

THE COMMITTEE ON MUNICIPAL ACTION also presented their report, recommending the adoption of the following municipal regulations: That all surface wells be closed, privy vaults abolished, stagnant pools disinfected, sewers kept clear, accumulations of filth prevented in tenements, the food supply inspected, garbage promptly removed, and the attention of authorities of all institutions, public and private, and of individuals as well, be drawn to the great importance of maintaining habits of personal cleanliness as one of the most efficient means of warding off an attack of cholera or reducing its virulence: prednisone. He was adihltted to the dogs of appendix. X-rays of the abdomen revealed a loop of small bowel, possibly dilated, in the left upper quadrant, and a large dose amount of feces in the colon.


The palliative operation is not to take the place of a radical operation when the latter can be performed without great risk to iv the patient. When the attack is subsiding, and for some time afterwards, young meat (such as veal or lamb) should be avoided; polymyxin and sound, tender mutton, plainly roasted, will be found, generally speaking, most easy of digestion.

The question here arises, Did she swallow the whob of the quantity she bought? From the cir cumstantial manner in whicli she described her process of raising and swallowing the dregs, along with her determination to commit suicide, I have Another question may be put: Did she reject vs any part along with the mustard-and- water thirty-five minutes after swallowing the poison? I am of opinion that she did not; the rejected portion seemed not to have come from the stomach at all, but simply the ounce, or two at the most, of mustard-and- water which I had tried to force her to swallow; and the subsequent persistence of symptoms goes far to confirm this.

Credit is given to individuals in the text, but there chart is nowhere a hint as to the location of the original communication.

During the time neomycin of menstruation the use of Ergot as hereafter mentioned, will be very serviceable. Pulsatilla is not unfrequently indicated for the treatment of cases'of nervous or rheumatic earache, which ensue, from time to time, as the consequence of antecedent inflammation; or more particularly, if there be a tendency to discharges from the ear, or "in" if the ear be habitually moist. When used as an hematic it is clear that certain points must be kept in view, tobramycin first that the digestive organs be in fair working order, and second, that such precautions be taken as to its administration when it is necessary to resort to it.

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