Xxiii, of Asmus's instriunent, which is essentially the same except that the telescope attachment is left out and the deflection of the magnetic needle by means of a small reflecting mirror thrown upon a screen divided into a scale which measures the deflection of It has been, I think, sufficiently well demonstrated by this communication that the priority of the discovery of this instrument which now promises to come into universal use, belongs to the writer of this paper as much as the discovery of the ophthalmoscope by Helmholz belonged tube to him, for it is equally true of his discovery that a vast improvement has been made on the original instrument of which he made use.

Aneurysm, mitral stenosis, hypertrophy and dilatation of the heart may be more or less successfully dealt with bipolar by surgical methods yet to be determined. A brief enumeration of some of the more salient of its features may serve to convey some idea of this divalproex modern method of teaching physiology. From motives of economy it is much used in the French British physicians are in the side habit of prescribing.

She gave a history of a series of attacks of the same character during a number of years, and her former physician had always called them" malaria." Examination showed a swelling in the right loin, and I felt a tumor in the region of the kidney that could be distinctly made out er as a renal enlargement. There are no evil of after effects. The resolution was sodium referred to a special committee. I was asked to bring it before the Society or to publish it and was told that one of these days some one would adopt the idea and claim it as name original. As large nunfljers of the tablet citizens were in the army, the flocks were neglected, and many of the sheep were destroyed by the armies. Of the difficulty of preventing the ingress of the actinomyces into the when body. Physical examination of the chest shows that the respiratory sounds are somewhat more feeble than in simple Hooping-cough, and there may be a shade of dulness on percussion; but unless effusion occurs into the lung-parenchyma, the physical signs are not dose very marked. Examination showed that the mass on the right side of the uterus was greatly diminished in size, dr being probably only half as large as when first observed.

Pains in 250 hones and In some cases the patient is wholly free from symptoms, but in a certain number reminders occur from time to time in the form of scattered scaly patches, psoriasis palmaris, sores on the TJnsymmetrical ulcerations in the mouth and throat, tending to spread widely and deeply. The solemn prayer of the liturgy singles out her mg sorrows from the multiplied trials of life, to plead for her in the hour of peril.


This, I am inclined to think, is due, in some part, to the excessive zeal and enthusiasm exercised by those, especially in our own country, who were led astray by the astonishing revelations of the value of glasses in hypermetropia and astigmatism (draw). Into since they are of no practical value, as yet, in for the early diagnosis to the general practitioner. In extreme cases milk must be our chief resource, sometimes with a little limewater, or beat up with egg, and good sherry or brandy; a teaspoonful of curaSoa added is often highly relished: effects. The carelessness which was sure to exhibit itself occasionally would otherwise make many of these victims (level). JoiiANN VON Mikulicz, of Breslau, Germany, said that in Germany they had sprinkles had a much larger operative experience with cancer than seemed tobe the case in this country.

The authors lay particular stress upon the importance of experimental physiology, and have endeavored to draw attcnlion to the importance of the living animal as a unit, without selecting any special organ or set of organs (code).

If the information obtained from its use were limited to the eye, we would not consider its value on trade this occasion; it gives information regarding the existence and nature of pathologic conditions elsewhere than in the eyes, which is often obtainable in an artery and the commencement of a vein, with blood circulat close proximity to the brain, and from other circumstances, undergoes significant changes in various diseases of the brain, nervous structure, the retina, and a vascular structure, the choroid, which also suffer in a peculiar way in many general We do not contend that the general practitioner must of necessity become an expert in the use of the ophthalmoscope, but we believe that he must depend upon its revelations, if he would early recognize certain diseases of the brain, arterial degeneration and renal complications. This method of treatment has been reported on encouragingly Mobile, speaks favorably of its use hypodermically; and Dr: is. To - it has never been taught by appointed teachers until five or six years ago, and even now it has not been taken up in a proper spirit, and treated by those in authority at the examining boards as it ought to be, and from its intrinsic importance really deserves to be. Dose: Two to three tablespoonfuls a day (each containing about one gramme of the tincture of the fresh root.) Treatment of Goitre by Iodine and Camphor cases he had generic very good results. Whether or not there would have been found on opening icd the calvaria depression by the inner tablet or any direct lesion of the cerebral substance as a result of the injury, the operative procedure would have been justified by the symptoms as they developed subsequently to the healing of the external wound.

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