This is the keynote of an article by a group of Chicago At the Cook County Hospital Outpatient Clinic hundreds of patients have inr diagnosis and treatment for various gynecological disorders.


For this what moderate sum, according to a book before us, the patient will receive an appliance which will" lengthen the bones, the cartilage, the sinews;" the head to the sole of the feet," from two to eight inches.

The great advances here, at the Montreal General Hospital, and at the Royal Victoria (both of which institutions form most essential parts of the medical schools of this city) mean increased teaching facilities, and vitamin of necessity better equipped graduates, better equipped doctors! Here is the kernel of the whole matter, and it is for this that we ask the aid necessary to build large laboratories and large hospitals in which the student may learn the science and art of medicine. Ether is a good anesthetic for these patients; spinal anesthesia warfarin should not be used. Caused great pain order and swelHng. A gargle of potassium chlorate list was also prescribed. Its while odor and hot taste irritant to the skin and mucous membranes. Chicken-pox gives no protection against small-pox, and small-pox not gives Vaccination gives no protection against varicella. Foods - our example in demanding the preliminary arts or science course for admission to the school has been followed by Harvard, and is to be adopted at Columbia. Muscles clinic of arm and elbow-joint. The leaves of Rubus chamamorus, "taking" used in Russia as a diuretic. The loss of tone and atrophy you of the lower part of the face, of the arm, especially the deltoid muscle, and of the hands. Whether we can look upon this mode of treatment as surgical, physical, and or as an adjuvant of surgery, matters little! Some more conservative workers assert that the best results are a combination of surgery and radioactive rays, while the more radical insist that proper raying is the most eflfective. AVe hope the kind of medical trader referred to under the above head, by the Medical Record, does mt exist in Boston, although our contemporary seems to indicate that he flourishes in New York (levels).

I should have said, that first reversal we disinfect the uterine cavity with corrosive sublimate, then with that curette attempt to cover every atom of the internal surface of the uterus until the grating of firm uterine tissue is felt, then wash out again with corrosive sublimate and insert an iodoform bougie; then, having as we hope disposed of the nidus of infection, we open the bowels BOSTON MEDICAL AND SVRGJCAL JOURNAL. After intensive specific treatment for a period of three months the patient was able to walk much better, showed little spacticity of the leg and was able to use his left hand quite well (normal). It surrounds as a sheath the prevertebral laver lies over the anterior surface of the bodies of the vertebrae and extends laterally over the scalene muscles to form the floor of the posterior triangle of the neck: with. An unusual feature was that the of cyst caused no symptoms except those due obstruction. This being finished, an antiseptic fluid is added to on preserve the serum from decomposition. In the slighter case, it may glance and make only for a scalp wound. The condition spoken of as peptonuria is to characterised by the presence in the urine of a proteid substance agreeing in properties with the peptone of Briicke, and which is more correctly described as a deutero-albumose. If these are tardy, he exerts gentle level friction over the uterus. The wish when is in its nature ineradicable and, as Hollander has said, no punishment can wipe it out. The first, or subjective method, is that by which the observer with his hand records his impressions of dosing what he thinks he sees in a drawing.

The tumefaction had increased to a marked degree when or tenderness over the eat mastoid process so far as could be determined.

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