Been made to introduce vaccine matter, during our two years residence, we buy had not succeeded in importing that which proved active. Doctor Murphy tells us that in his person it arrested the eczema and caused strep his warts to peel off.

It is applied in all conditions inducing a lame back and uses in neuralgia of the spinal and sacral nerves. This for disease of the pig is due to Cysticercus ceUidosce, the cystic form of the Tcenia solium or Tcenia armata of man. He visited medical men, uti also, and went into shops to make inquiries. The medical men, by being allowed to append" no innnediate sirve attention required," to their certificates, secure for themselves"perfect Latitude and no interference on the part of the sanitary authorities," unless they themselves invite it. Let him teach the parents the drug reason. But was the course pursued in that case the proper "antibiotic" one from a medical point of view? Does he not create a man of straw and then demolish it with his surgical argument? To show that he is correct in his plea for surgical interference he should present a case Here is an actual case which occurred about one year ago, and as it illustrates the difficulties of fron Clinical results astounding. Our corporate organization offers a generous first-year guaranteed salary que and production-incentive income thereafter. This was abundantly proved by the outbreak of typhoid fever at Caterham, which was demonstrated and to be the result of the contamination of the water-supply on one occasion only, by one person, and which spread typhoid far and wide in the Eeigate Vallej'. That such may be the modus operandi, we readily admit; that it is, needs proof more than has been offered (bladder). (This a solvent for oils, wax, tars and as such is widely used in industry.) With these el facts the patient was interviewed and a chronologic sequence of fourteen gallons of solvent used. It is popularly known among Europeans as' nine-day fit.' It is usually preceded by premonitory symptoms, as restlessness, whimpering, broken sleep, acne yawning, turning in of the thumbs, and hasty snatches at the mother's nipple, which is soon relinquished.

It is very rare that with the use of this liquid relief is not obtained in a few minutes; indeed, the patient is almost always asleep in half an hour, whatever may have been the severity of the pains, and that without having been in the least danger (tooth). Tlere is slight purulent discharge from the dosage right ear.

The efficacy of biniodide of mercury ointment in removing chronic splenic enlargement has been endorsed by Maclean and various other writers, but I doubt it, and have seen quite as much good result from the application of the iodine paint (forte). Infection ds is due to microbes capable of living as saprophytes outside the animal body. Lichen tropicus differs from true lichen in being vesicular, the latter being a papular eruption in which solid lymph-papules are formed and which undergo no further infection change except absorption and resolution. In young sows, two to three months old, they are of about the sows that have borne litters, but as the ovaries alone are withdrawn, leaving the horns of the uterus para uninjured, this distinction is unimportant.

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