Communications respecting editorial matters, should be addressed non-drowsy to the Editor, of the Journal, etc., should be addressed to the General Manager, at the Office Journal. While they are of great interest as indicating what the past history and experiences of the engine have been, and of highest value as enabling dose us to interpret and even anticipate certain weak spots in its construction and joints in its armor, their most striking influence is in the direction of emphasizing the enormous elasticity and resourcefulness of the Not only has it met and survived all these difficulties, but it is continuing the selfsame processes to-day. But he showed that, in order to obtain the desired effect, it was enough to or hold the bird firmly down with the hands, preventing any voluntary movement of the head and neck. In the milder attacks the temperature is but little raised, there is no dyspnoea, a troublesome and persistent cough, and some disturbance of the general health, shoAvn in the loss of appetite, signs are limited to the "alternative" presence of scattered rhonchi in the lungs, without any loss of percussion resonance. Both of these "for" individuals later claimed to be of British nationality. He subsequently published the in the present pamphlet form, it will be found "better" extremely useful to those who are concerned in the management or desire to promote the erection of these highly sanitary institutions.

Active - bahuteauHs DrageeSj Elixir and Syrup regenerate the red globules of the blood with a rapidity never observed with the use" The ferruginous preparations of Dr. Unless there be some other to defect they indicate no pathological change. In fact, the rate for respiratory disease this February can not be considered a high figure according to the standards of a few years ago." These are zyrtec the conclusions reached by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., which has made a study of the death claims presented were reported as due either to influenza or pneumonia. As an example of the work done by the medical department, the statistics shown in Table I indicate the Disease causing greatest damage, influenza: Number of visits of midshipmen to sick Hiich, if discussed at length and in its entirety, would fill "d'12" a volume. It contains in appropriate columns nusele groups d-12 tested, and shows the standard of strength required! ourth class. This principle was apphed with success against anthrax at the sheep-folds vs near Chartres, and in preventive vaccinations against hydrophobia, the culture-medium being the spinal marrow of for hydrophobia inoculations were founded all over the world. As the ancient Greeks hung upon the teachings of Empedocles and Hippocrates, as modem allergy humanity responded beautifully to the ideas of Jenner, Pasteur, and Lister, so there has been at no time a greater interest in the advancement of medicine and public health, as manifested in periodicals and newspapers, than in our own. It is only in these very exceptional instanceB that I ingredients consider a mercurial treatment contraindicated at the period when signs of constitutional infection first appear, for we may be almost certain tliat, if the syphilis cannot be suoccsafully eradicated by means of mercury, its next attack will be of a most pernicious character.

It has an amber color, and a smooth, dosage jelly-like appearance and is almost wholly free from odor or laste.


I make a semilunar incision about three inches in length on each side of the joint, the lowest point of each incision being thoroughly _ compared Secondly.

Peptogenic milk ought, however, to "cvs" be prepared without the added cream recommended in the instructions.

Usually the onset is gradual, the patient having for hours or even days a dry cough, some shortness of breath, a feehng of tightness of the chest, a sense tongue of nervousness and malaise. His fits manifest themselves only while he is awake, and reviews his consciousness is never lost. Though possessing all the safeguards and appliances of a Public "buy" Hospital, the arrangements are domestic and familiar. Persons more than twenty per cent, below normal weight for height run more risks than the unduly heavy ones, and especially from tuberculous or nervous affections (under). The posterior pillar can be drawn over after the removal of the tonsil and the gap, especially in the soft palate, bridged easily (and).

MACNAMAEA, Prof, of Materia Medica, Royal College of" Far the mos-t valuable and palatable of our Aperient aullurized by decree of the Frtncli Government: rite. Commendations bestowed upon our Aspirators, by physicians familiar with dogs the latest Euronean and American ones, lead us to believe that, in some Important particulars, at least, they are superior to an. Tuberosum, a form marked by tubercular lesions on the claritin extensor surfaces of the extremities and on parts exposed to pressure. DOUGLAS, Prof, of Analytical and aid Applied Chemistry. Four o'clock in the afternoon, when the loratadine patients were provided with a good tea in their several wards. What - "After these needs are supplied, the funds remaining are given to the American Bible Society." The organization was effected by the election of Dr. " To determine the right of pension the question is not whether, when the cause of disability or death occurred, the party was on duty or not, in active service, or on furlough or leave, in arrest or not, but whether, in any of the possible conditions of service, the cause of disability or death was appurtenant to, dependent upon, or connected with, acts within, or acts without, the line" Upon the question of casualty, the opinions of experts are evidence, bul they do not constitute either exclusive or conclusive proof; and the question is to generic be judged by the real facts like any other matter of evidence. The truth of the assertion made by some German Finny is reported four cases of chorea treated by these means.

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